The green season is when you can fully connect with land, lore, community and culture of the beautiful Yuzawa region. Your efforts to do so will be well rewarded. 


nature activity


We're surrounded by marvelous peaks, so it's not a surprise that mountaineering is a popular activity for many TwinTippers. Yuzawa is at the foot of the Tanigawa mountain range, boasting alpine hiking trails with incredible views. Some of the mountains are easily accessible by car or gondola, others require proper planning, training and technical skills.

Choose from short, family-friendly strolls on wide paths to more advanced hikes to peaks, waterfalls, lakes, and alpine meadows. Keep your eyes open for snow-monkeys and Kamichika deers. Make sure you have a camera handy for capturing the rugged mountain vistas.


sports activity

Road cycling

No traffic lights forcing you to stop and hardly any traffic to deal with. Add some fresh cool mountain air and a breathtaking alpine backdrop and it's not hard to see why road bikers get some impressive milage done in Yuzawa.



sports activity

Mountain biking

Looking to go deeper up the valleys and find out where those gravel and dirt roads will take you? Mountain bikers and gravel-grinders appear to have endless opportunities.



Daigenta Lake

The photogenic Daigenta lake beautifully reflects the surrounding mountains. You can go for a relaxed 30 minutes stroll around the lake, or you can make the 2hr climb to the top of Mt. Daigenta. The Daigenta Canyon also has a camping area and depending on the season you can do activities such as kayaking. It takes about 15 minutes to drive from TwinTips to Daigenta..



River swimming

Are you looking for a way to cool off in the heat? A "fresh" start? Nothing beats jumping into a river in the mountains. We will tell you were to find the best spots.


social activity

Bonfire and BBQ

A bonfire has brought people and families together since the dawn of mankind, and here at TwinTips we intend to keep that tradition going.