For a tiny village in the middle of the Northern Alps, Yuzawa offers a rather impressive variety of places to enjoy a meal. The region is famous for its premium Koshi-Hikari rice - that fetches the highest prices in Japan - and probably in the world. The purity of the rice comes from an abundant supply of clear and clean mountain water. With the purest water and the best rice, it is not a surprise that Minami-Uonuma also is home to many of Japan's leading premium sake brewers. Famous premium sake brands like Hakkaisan, Kakurei, Jozen are from this area.

Check out our list of restaurants that have earned the TwinTippers vote of confidence.


Japanese, Local cuisine


Yasuyoshi is a local restaurant that has been going strong for four generations. This time-honored restaurant takes great pride in sourcing locally ingredients, from rice and mushrooms to pork and beef. Not only is the food flavorful and tasty, the portions are also generous. Add a warm, welcoming and friendly service on top of that and it is not hard to see why Yasuyoshi has been a favorite destination for TwinTippers for so many years. We recommend the incredible Shabu-Shabu course.




The pleasant smell of wood fired ovens and freshly baked pizzas fill the air as you enter La Locanda del Pittore. The restaurant was founded more than 40 years ago by the legendary Tsuji Isao, who was one of the first Japanese chefs to be trained in Italy. The warm and cozy interior is as authentic as the food. The wine list is extensive and it's easy to forget that you're dining in Yuzawa and not in the Dolomites.

Pittore was listed in the 2020 Le Guide Michelin in Niigata prefecture and it has also received rave reviews elsewhere. Needless to say, you need a reservation and you can be almost certain that you will meet other TwinTippers when you're there.




Sushi may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you're surrounded by mountains. Nevertheless, you will not regret paying a visit to Oozushi. This is another family run multi generation restaurant. The master chefs are trained in Tokyo or Kyoto and they source the best ingredients fresh from the Sea of Japan. The fish is served with delicious locally grown rice. Add some local sake and you are guaranteed a sushi experience to remember. We recommend the Makase-course.



Cafe and Wine Bar


The Artemodo café and wine bar is actually a showroom for furniture and interiors. The ambiance is inspiring and the specially curated wine list is probably the best you’ll find in the region. This is a superb place to pop in for a coffee or a glass of wine or a light meal. The warm and friendly English speaking service makes everything so easy. For full course dinners, you should call in advance. Artemodo can also be reserved for larger groups and events.


Japanese, local cuisine


Not all restaurants in Yuzawa are old and family run. Kamakura is relatively new to the neighborhood, but is serving delicious food with mostly locally sourced ingredients, like fish from Sado Island and premium grade Koshihikari rice from Minami-Uonuma. The restaurant has a strong relationship with the Hakkaisan brewery, so look for limited edition bottles for a special treat.