You're the reason why we're here!

The TwinTips community is active, fun, vibrant, passionate & lively, and feels like a large extended family. TwinTips didn't create the community. It was the the community that created TwinTips and you're the reason why we keep doing what we're doing. 

TwinTips Après ski

Throughout the year, TwinTips will arrange a number of events including our popular Après ski gatherings. TwinTips Après Ski would usually start at 3pm and our Resident DJ crew will provide suave live-mixed tunes until around 6pm. Beers, local sake, soul warming wines and cocktails will be served. Après ski will be more frequent in March when conditions are perfect for chilling with good friends. Our after-ski social sessions are open to everyone.

Let's be social...

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TwinTips WhatsApp groups

It's not only about us communicating with you, we also want to make sure everybody gets connected with other people in the TwinTips community. TwinTips tenants are as such invited to join our WhatsApp groups based on interests and activities. We have included a list below of some of the groups that are available. Some groups are more active than others. To sign up for a group you must be registered as a tenant.


TwinTips Community

Need an onion for your omelet? Need a restaurant recommendation in town? Forgot the wine opener in Tokyo? Wonder where the kids are? No worries, the TwinTips community will be there for you.


TwinTips Après ski

Never miss a beat! Never pass on a drink. Get the latest updates on when and where we do after ski. Be the first to stream the mixtapes.

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Resident DJ Crew

All hands on deck! Be one of the guys/girls who keep the vinyls spinning. You don’t need to have any DJ experience, as long as you’re willing to learn, work and have a good ear for music. Anyone above 14 is welcome.


Race club

For parents with kids in the TwinTips Junior Race Club, or anyone who would like to know where the young athletes will do the next race.


Board Games

Forget monopoly. On foggy days, we will bring out a serious board game for some epic battles. No broken bones, just bruised egos.


Powder Creed

If you're among those who think the best moments in life involve floating through endless, untracked fields of fresh snow on a steep mountain, you will find your soul-mates in this group. Be prepared to get up early in the morning and do some traveling.



Not as keen on skiing and snowboarding as the rest of the fam? This group is for those who think the onsen, hot cocoa and good movies are excellent substitutes for the slopes.



Bring your clubs. Golfing in Yuzawa comes with the added bonus of cool temperatures and spectacular views of the Northern Japanese Alps.



Mountain bikers, gravel grinders, road racers or chilled family cruisers, whatever category that best describes your cycling, Yuzawa has plenty to offer. Join this group and get on the saddle.



Ain't no mountain high enough. A group for those who like to conquer the peaks.


Wine lovers

Nice try...all the other groups are also for people who love drinking wine. We don't think we need one....or maybe we do.


Newsletter Editorial

Do you like to share your stories, reviews, pictures and ideas? Are you good at editing or writing? Join the TwinTips Newsletter Editorial team.

What's Appening at TwinTips?

To sign up for a TwinTips community group you must be registered as a tenant.

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